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... towardssuper digitisation with you

... this is the creation of a term for describing the effects on OnlineBooking not by single products but by interconnected modules. We present a group of products for reaching the highest effect on your degree of capacity utilisation since it offers an easy way of booking for your guests and especially helps you to generate reservations.

From hotel software to your website …one-stop!

  • Requests via GASTROdat

    Guest’s request
    You get the request with all the information the guest has provided directly at GASTROdat.
  • From a request to an appointment

    GASTROdat setup
    Create an appointment matching the request by the requests manager straight away.
  • Bid proposal management + DigiEmail

    After having entered all the services we send the guest a wonderful e-mail directly linked to the personal Digital Offer.
  • Digital Offer

    Digital Offer
    The guest finds a tailor-made offer for the requested room. After having decided for a room category the offer can be booked immediately.
  • From bid proposal management to OnlineBooking

    At one click the guest will be forwarded to OnlineBooking. Before terminating the reservation the guest can book any additional service if requested.
  • Confirming the OnlineBooking


    After having checked and completed the personal data the guest can terminate the booking now. The guest has the opportunity to do a partial or full payment by bank transfer.

    The guest is forwarded directly to the payment system and proceeds with the prepayment (predefined partial or full amount). The guest can choose the method of payment.

  • Booking confirmation

    GASTROdat setup
    The hotel and the guest get a booking confirmation instantly as well as a separated payment confirmation by the payment system. At the same time the reservation is booked automatically and colored in magenta in GASTROdat.
  • Marketing approach before arrival

    Before arrival we can send an information e-mail to the guest. That works with an edit format including the requested information in the MarketingManager.
  • PreCheckIn-Link

    In the information e-mail the guest also gets a so called PreCheckIn-Link. With that link the guest can provide any additional information for instance about fellow travellers to be prepared for the registration procedures when arriving.
  • CheckIn and guest registration

    GASTROdat setup
    Now the guest arrives and the reservation will be switched on ‘check-in’. Since we have already received all the data for registration by the PreCheckIn-Link we can easily register the guests in the electronic registration form.
  • CheckOut and guest notification

    GASTROdat setup

    The guest had a pleasant stay with us and is ready for check-out now. While we are preparing the invoice we can ask the guest about his preferences (golf, culture, etc.) and make some notes in the system.

    We settle the account, check-out the guest on the electronic registration form and take leave.

  • Marketing approach after departure

    After the guest’s departure we can thank him for his stay with an information e-mail about interesting offers since we know his preferences now.
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