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Dynamic Pages

GASTROdat Dynamic Pages

GASTROdat dynamicPages helps you creating contents for your website and keeping it up-to-date permanently. The operation is very easy and can playfully be handled also by „non-IT-pros“.

The system is based on the knowledge that according to an international study all touristic web-pages compromise a set of certain modules.

These are for example:

  • pictures
  • picture galleries
  • picture/text blocks
  • online booking
  • online request
  • subscribing and unsubscribing newsletter
  • room descriptions
  • price lists
  • directions
  • imprint
  • etc.

Thanks to the application of highly modern technologies you can “programme” your website with GASTROdat dynamicPages in two steps only.

  1. choose the required blocks per page
  2. adjust their order with drag & drop individually

Social media

Improve your offer and integrate the more and more important world of social media!

Once adjusted GASTROdat OSP takes it over automatically for you and links all your offers to your social media channels!

Corporate design

To present your entire web presence in the same fonts according to your corporate design you have to adjust these fonts as well as the colours only once and you can use it everywhere.

If you change for example the headline font H1 to another colour, the modification will be made immediately in all your OSP documents.

You can also use Google Fonts if requested.

Media centre

Each picture imported into the GASTROdat media centre will be exported in appropriate quality as web-url fully automatic to be used in all your documents. The full automatic dynamic URL ensures the pictures to be transferred to web immediately after every change in GASTROdat.


Here you can adjust which logo shall be used and where it shall be placed in your digital offer.


Offer text

Here you can adjust the text to be shown in your offer if you provide several varieties.



Here you can adjust as many pictures as you like to use and which pictures to be shown according to each topic.


Variety preview

Here you can adjust where the varieties offered to the guest will be shown.

Varianten Vorschau

Menu tree

Here you can adjust where the set links to your offer or to external websites shall be shown.


Offer details

Here you can adjust where the exact descriptions and pictures for your proposed services will be shown.


Welcome text

Here you can adjust which text shall be shown as greeting.



Here you can adjust where the set teasers shall be shown.



Here you can adjust where the guest’s salutation will be shown in your digital offer.


Picture gallery

Here you can adjust which pictures shall be shown in your picture gallery and where they should be placed.



Here you can adjust the directions for arrival and departure and where this information as well as the Google Maps widget shall be placed.

Anreise Informationen


Here you can adjust where the block for the prepayment should be shown.


Contact form block

Here you can adjust where the contact form block (in case of any questions of your guest) shall be placed.


Booking services

Here you can adjust all extra services including picture and text the guest can book separately and where they will be placed.

Leistung buchen

Social Media

Here you can adjust where the icons for linked social media shall be shown.

Social Media


Here you can adjust where PreCheckIn should be shown enabling the guest to check and if necessary, correct his personal data.



Here you can adjust where your hotel information from GASTROdat setup shall be shown.


Additional text

Here you can provide additional text and place it at your desired position.



Here you can place your links to data protection, imprint and terms and conditions.


Intermediate picture

Here you can adjust additional pictures and place them at your desired position.


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