... active sales in your OSP MarketingManager

The MarketingManager is a new GASTROdat newsletter system. In former times we sent serial letters, today everything runs by e-mail, is self-reacting and fully responsive.
On the basis of your filtered guest’s data you can send tailor-made marketing messages for each guest or for each guest category.


Newsletter / Creating marketing actions

Create your newsletter / your marketing action with the modules of our OSP. (list of modules)

Marketing Manager

Generate filter / adoption

Adopt the requested filter from your GASTROdat or generate new filter criteria.

Marketing Manager

Preview of newsletters

Here your created newsletter is “presented”.

By clicking the button “send newsletter” you reach our new designed “distribution module”.

Marketing Manager

Sending newsletters part 1

Here you have got the possibility to check and if necessary, to correct your data.

Marketing Manager

Sending newsletters part 2

Here all variables (e. g. SALUTATION_FAM for the personalised salutation of a guest) you have defined in your newsletter are shown.

Furthermore, all links appearing in your newsletter are listed up for analytical reasons.

Here you also have the possibility to send the newsletter to one of your own e-mail addresses for trial.

Marketing Manager

Sending newsletters part 3

Import respectively actualisation of the recipient list.

Marketing Manager

Sending newsletters part 4

Distribution of the newsletter or partially opening it for trial.

Marketing Manager


The following modules for creating a newsletter / a marketing action are available:


Here you can adjust which logo shall be used and where it shall be placed in your newsletter.



Here you can adjust which picture shall be shown.


Menu tree

Here you can set links to your website or to external pages.


Picture gallery

Here you can adjust which pictures shall be shown and where they should be placed in your picture gallery.


Social Media

Here you can adjust where the icons for linked social media shall be shown.

Social Media

Additional text

Here you can provide additional text and place it at your desired position.


Intermediate picture

Here you can adjust additional pictures and place them at your desired position.


List of special offers

Create so called specials lists (remaining rooms in certain periods or for certain guest groups) and implement a preview of these offers with the respective link.



Here you can adjust where your hotel information from GASTROdat setup shall be shown.



Here you can place your links to data protection, imprint and terms and conditions.


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