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GASTROdat offers you a reliable hotel software which enables you to remain in command of your room marketing regardless of voracious online platforms and solid against the capers of digital market.

Online Buchung

OnlineBooking start

With the button on your website you come to your online booking start page.

Onlinebuchung Start

After that you choose the requested period of stay.

Onlinebuchung Datumsauswahl

Search result

As a result the guest can see his requested offer.

Additionally alternate periods and special offers are shown.


Shopping cart

If the guest decides to book the offer, he will be passed on to the shopping cart.


Additional sales at the push of a button

The system automatically detects your additionally bookable services and offers them during the booking process.
From massages to ski courses, parking space or carriage rides you can control precisely which extra services your guests – according to their number of persons and period of stay – can treat themselves to!

Cross-Selling auf Knopfdruck

Personal data / GDPR

In the next step the system requires data entry.

Notice: Obtain consent of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to avoid problems due to unwanted correspondence.

Persönliche Daten / DSGVO

Selection / Payment

From "Shopping cart" via "Personal data" to the last menu item "Confirmation and Payment". Here the data will be shown for a last check as well as the desired services and the booking.

If online payment is activated the guest can select his preferred method of payment and decides between prepayment (definable as percentage) or the full amount.

Auswahl / Zahlung Payment

Automatic booking confirmation

After the booking completion the guest as well as the hotel gets an automatic booking confirmation.

Automatische Buchungsbestätigung


... active sales in your OSP Discounts & special offers

Continuous bookings yield annoying booking gaps in your room plan which aren’t easy to close because they are short-term or they occur on unfavourable travel dates. Our gap manager can pinpoint these gaps at a glance and turn them to active gaps. Offer these gaps for sale in your online booking.

Active gaps

Here the online booking shows you manual set periods which are hard to sell. The active gaps will be offered to the guest first.

The offer including a special discount will be shown to the guest in the shopping cart.



... active sales in your OSP Promo-code

If you wish to activate special super offers only for certain guests, in GASTROdat online booking you will have the possibility to give away so called promo-codes. Only after having entered these codes additional special offers will show up which would not be visible without the promo-code.

Not least you can release an own login-section for companies for example. Same applies for defined individual persons from your guest file. When the guest registers with his user name and password, he receives all his exclusively defined discounts and price scales fully automatic.

That means: No matter if the receptionist books into the room plan or if the guest enters his booking on his own after having logged in, it will be calculated precisely on the basis of your company’s GASTROdat service and setup settings.


Redeeming promo-Code

You can redeem the promo-code in the start window of the online booking and look for the requested period of stay as usual.

Promo-Code einlösen

Search result / Shopping cart

As usual all bookable services are shown to the guest.
At the promo-code either the adjusted special offers or all suitable results including the special offer can be displayed.

If there is a discount for an offer, the guest will see the discount in the shopping cart.

Suchergebnis / Warenkorb


... active sales in your OSP Guest-login

Ideal for regular guests and persons you would like to attract as such: Send them a password and thereby the feeling to be someone special. With the password the guest can log in individually and book on their own.

Because of the direct cross-linking of your website with the master data administrated by our software the online booking reacts with special rates – as adjusted in the guest file.

The advantages:

  • business customers
  • individual rates
  • special offers
  • special discounts
  • pre-filled form
Gast Login

The guest login has the leading edge that you can assign a special discount level to each guest, that the personal data is pre-filled and only must be checked quickly.

GastLogin GastLogin
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